Design + Build

Design + Build


As a design/build company, Classic Remodeling NW Inc. is dedicated to insuring your complete satisfaction not only during the construction phase of your project, but also during the creative design portion. By giving your design the attention it deserves, we strive to make the new addition/remodel to your home match as seamless as possible to the existing structure while designing the project for your specific budget. This way, we are totally responsible for the entire project and can offer you the peace of mind you deserve.


What is Design/Build?
The Goals of Design/Build:
Defining the Design/Build Process:
Final Design and Estimate:

Design/Build is a process in which the homeowner contracts directly with one entity to provide both the design and construction services for their project.

The goals of Design/Build are to save the homeowners both time and money by bringing the entire process under one roof. Our “in house” crews (design, estimating, production and administration) all work together to design and build a project that fits you, your life style and your budget. This way you, the homeowner does not have to hire two separate companies to do the work that we can provide to you.

The Design/Build process is one where the homeowner is part of the design team and has complete input into all aspects of the project. The process starts with an in home consultation to define the parameters of the project (what is the desired outcome, the budget investment, and how will this improvement be used). From this assessment we create the preliminary designs for the project. Preliminary designs are then brought to the client for review and to identify all necessary changes. After desired changes are made we bring the new drawings back to the client for review. We continue this process until the designs are approved and we know the project is exactly what you want.

The desired budget is ALWAYS kept at the forefront of the discussions to ensure that the project doesn’t go over the wanted investment. We then complete the construction drawings needed to get a building permit and submit for engineering calculations if needed. Then the drawings are given to the building department to prep for construction.

With final designs in hand we proceed to the construction estimate and specifications phase. In this phase we complete the desired specifications (window/door types, siding, roofing and decking materials, etc.) and finishes (faucets, sinks, flooring, tile types, etc.) to build a construction estimate for your review. Again, we keep the desired budget ‘front of mind’ to ensure that we don’t go over the wanted investment. The construction estimate is reviewed with you and any changes are made to guarantee that all parties are on the same page.

We understand that almost all problems between a homeowner and contractor can be contributed to a loss of communication or assumptions that have been made. With this in mind we tend to over communicate with our clients so they know about all aspects of their project to guarantee they are kept informed. Prior to beginning a project, we have a pre-construction meeting with the clients, salesman, lead carpenter and the project manager to go over all aspects of the project and to make sure any and all questions have been answered before we start. Throughout the project, we have a weekly meeting with the clients to go over the progress made during the prior week and the expected progress in the next week. The project schedule is always reviewed in this manner to ensure the project runs smoothly. Finally, we pride ourselves in making everyone from the Classic Remodeling NW team available by phone for the duration of the client’s project. We make communication a top priority. ***** This should be on a different page than this.

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