End of The Year Right: List all the Things that Bring You Joy

Once again this year is moving to a close. The press of current events and responsibilities often prevents you from appreciating all that has gone well this year.

So what have you got to be thankful for, just go back over the year, thinking about what brought you joy and satisfaction. Write down these items as they occur to you.

Going month by month can be helpful. We did this every year with our company. That prevented us from only focusing on all the not-so-wonderful things that happened.

Do this with your family, too. The conversation will make the memories last longer.

Personally, keeping a gratitude list can help you when times are tough. And tough times or events happen all too often when you are running a small business.

Notice what is going well. The other stuff, at least until 2017 is upon us, set aside. You deserve to do so.

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