Your Anti-To-Do List: 7 Summer Chores You Can Skip

Summertime brings not only booze-enhanced barbecues in the backyard and frenzied bocce tournaments on the lawn, but also a slew of home maintenance and housekeeping tasks. Buzzkill! But here's some good news: You might be over doing it. Experts say that certain tasks you might have assumed you have to do during the warm-weather months…
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How To Find a Contractor: 4 Essential Steps for Homeowners

A successful home renovation is contingent upon many factors, but none is more important than finding a reliable contractor. The person you hire should be able to do a stellar job without running way over your budget or delaying the project. So what's the best way to locate someone to tackle your remodel the right…
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Why Living Rooms Are Going Extinct (And How to Re-purpose Yours)

Isn't it ironic that the living room - the room of life! - is where people tend to spend the least amount of time? At some point in the late 19th or early 20th century the term "living room" was coined to describe the formal room where people sat to (politely) socialize. Nowadays, though, living…
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